This course will familiarise you with the skills and qualities needed by teacher trainers and teacher educators and raise your awareness of different models and practices in the area of Continuing Professional Development.

You will evaluate and design your own materials as well as a short, in-service training course for a specific context, and look at issues in managing INSETT. The different requirements of pre- and inservice training courses will be examined as well as good practice in classroom observation, supervision and mentoring.

Trainer Development will extend your understanding and critical awareness of the attitudes, skills and knowledge required by teacher trainers and educators, and how to articulate and refine their views of learning, teaching and teacher education.


" I've taken several EdTech courses, but this has been the best course ever. I would highly recommend it. it's user-friendly, clear, and well organised. The course exceeded my expectations 100%. I was expecting something different. The tutors kept us on our toes and guided us throughout the course. "

Paloma - 2019

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Location: Online
Considerable experience as a teacher trainer and see themselves as at Autonomous Trainer level or above on the Cambridge Teacher Training Framework
Language Level: B2/C1 or higher
Course dates:
20 September - 01 December 2021
17 January - 30 March 2022
11 April - 22 June 2022
19 September - 30 November 2022
NILE Certificate
Option for Trinity CertTP
Course Length: 8 weeks
Course fees:
Course fee £495
Trinity Registration and Administration Fee (optional): £250
Minimum age: 18
Max class size: 16
Tutor-led and highly interactive
Live and asynchronous eLearning platforms
Specialist ELT eLibrary
Accredited by AQUEDUTO

Course content

Approaches and methods in teacher training and education
Facilitation in training
A review of commonly available training materials
Designing training materials
Needs analysis for INSETT
The importance of context in training: monolingual or multilingual
Classroom action research
Advising and supporting teachers
Models of observation and supervision
Teachers’ professional life cycles and Continuing Professional Development
Teacher training course design and management
Evaluation in training contexts

In this course you will examine and evaluate the different roles teacher educators need to play and evaluate different approaches to teacher training and education. We will also look at.

The basic methodology of classroom research and professional inquiry and its place in continuing professional development and how to design, plan and resource teacher training and education programmes appropriate to their working contexts.

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" Very useful, all the participants very friendly and helpful, I learned a lot from them. "

Elena - 2019

" Excellent. I really enjoyed the course and thought the trainer was great. Provided insight and feedback quickly and read every word we wrote. I will be scanning the other courses soon and seeing what I can do next. "


Further Information

Online courses are broken down into individual units and activities, forming a clear structure. Tasks will be interactive, involving voice chat, forums and community walls, and they will utilize a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos. Participants need a computer, a headset (with microphone) and an Internet connection. You can do much of the course on a tablet or mobile device, but will need a computer for certain activities.

All participants have access to NILE’s extensive ELT e-library and the NILE digital Tasks are interactive, involving live online sessions, forums and community walls, and utilise a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos.

All NILE’s courses involve a significant element of English language improvement and/or development of language awareness.

Course Leader

Simon Smith

Simon is a NILE Associate Trainer and has lived and worked in Sudan, China, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.

He is now based in Britain, Current interests include teacher education, early start English project evaluation, curriculum mapping and review, trainer training, and classroom assessment.

Available dates:

Course dates Location Course length
20 September - 01 December 2021 Online 8 weeks
20 September - 01 December 2021 with Trinity CertPT Online 8 weeks
17 January - 30 March 2022 Online 8 weeks
17 January - 30 March 2022 with Trinity CertPT Online 8 weeks
11 April - 22 June 2022 Online 8 weeks
11 April - 22 June 2022 with Trinity CertPT Online 8 weeks
19 September - 30 November 2022 Online 8 weeks
19 September - 30 November 2022 with Trinity CertPT Online 8 weeks