Teacher development opportunities for teachers in the Basque Country

NILE is delighted to have joined together with LACUNZA, the leading language academy in Gipuzkoa, to deliver innovative quality teacher education programmes in the Basque Country and beyond. 

Javier Lacunza Oyarbide, LACUNZA and Thom Kiddle, NILE

This agreement between our two organisations has the common goal of improving the quality of language teaching through teacher development and is of particular importance for accompanying Basque teachers in the challenges of multilingualism and digitization. 

LACUNZA and NILE, both members of Eaquals, share the same passion for excellence in education and we are excited to be able to provide teachers these new development opportunities that combine NILE’s global teacher development expertise with LACUNZA’s experience and understanding of the needs of local teachers.  

LACUNZA will be working with NILE to bring teachers of English and other subjects an innovative blend of training opportunities. Courses cover a wide breadth of subjects: teaching pre-primary children, syllabus design, materials development, testing and assessment, CLIL, trainer development, delivering subjects in English in higher education and many more. Delivery will take place in LACUNZA venues across the Basque Country, teachers’ own institutions, NILE centres in the United Kingdom or through NILE’s award-winning online platform. The development offer has been designed with the needs of teachers in mind and will be presented in the coming months to associations, institutions and agents in the education sector.

Thom Kiddle, Director of NILE, is delighted about this new collaboration.

“Partnerships are in our DNA, so it is wonderful for NILE to be working with such a prestigious partner as Lacunza, bringing together our strengths to give teachers a truly unique opportunity.” 

Javier Lacunza, CEO of Lacunza, shares Thom’s enthusiasm for the new partnership.

“Everyone at Lacunza is very excited to be able to bring these innovative courses to the local teaching community. It’s a great opportunity to blend our understanding of the local context with NILE’s international development experience and so help local teachers grow and build their careers so they can multiply their students' possibilities.”

Lacunza IH has over 65 years’ experience in delivering quality language education in the Basque country and is a Cambridge centre of Excellence. 


NILE, Norwich Institute for Language Education, is a specialist teacher development institute providing online and face-to-face courses for teachers. Since 1995, NILE has worked with over 70,000 teachers from all over the world.