This module will familiarise you with the skills and qualities needed by teacher educators and raise your awareness of different models and practices in the area of Continuing Professional Development. You will evaluate and design your own materials as well as a short, in-service or pre-service training course for a specific context, and look at issues in managing INSETT. The different requirements of pre- and in-service training courses will be examined as well as good practice in classroom observation, supervision and mentoring.

This module carries 30 credits.


" The course design was very interesting . The articles,activities,videos used for input was very comprehensive . Our course tutor Kate was very supportive and her questioning and summary of units provided a lot of opportunities for in-depth reflection. "

Fatima - 2019

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Location: Online
Experience: Degree. language teaching experience
Language Level: B2/C1 or higher
Course dates:
17 January - 30 March 2022
11 April - 22 June 2022
19 September - 30 November 2022
Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MA awarded by University of Chichester
Course Length: 8 weeks (+ 1 week break)
Course fees: £1150
Minimum age: 18
Max class size: 16
Tutor-led and highly interactive
Live and asynchronous eLearning platforms
Specialist ELT eLibrary
Accredited by AQUEDUTO

Course content

The skills and qualities needed by teacher trainers and teacher educators
How to evaluate a selection of published training materials
The different requirements of pre-service and in-service training courses
Good practice and a range of models in the areas of classroom observation & supervision and in mentoring
How to design and try out training materials for a specific context
How to design a short in-service or pre-service training course for a specific context
Issues in managing INSETT or PRESETT: staffing, resources, etc.
Different models and practices in the area of Continuing Professional Development for language teachers

Assessment (written after completion of the course and supervised at distance by tutors):

A portfolio (50%) containing TWO out of the following three options:

  1. A critical analysis of supportive trainer talk.
  2. Production or analysis of an in-house developmental scheme for monitoring and/or supervision of a specified group of teachers.
  3. A piece of self-produced training material for use on an INSETT or PRESETT course in a specific context, accompanied by a rationale and evaluation.

A main 3,000 word assignment (50%) consisting of a fully worked out design for a short in-service or pre-service course for a specific context, including a rationale, a means of evaluation and a statement of staffing and resource provision.

" I appreciated most how personalised it was as our course tutor strived to respond to all our comments, concerns and questions. "

Viktor - 2019


Further Information

Online courses are broken down into individual units and activities, forming a clear structure. Tasks will be interactive, involving voice chat, forums and community walls, and they will utilize a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos. Participants need a computer, a headset (with microphone) and an Internet connection. You can do much of the course on a tablet or mobile device, but will need a computer for certain activities.

All participants have access to NILE’s extensive ELT e-library and the NILE digital Tasks are interactive, involving live online sessions, forums and community walls, and utilise a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos.

All NILE’s courses involve a significant element of English language improvement and/or development of language awareness.

Course Leader

Briony Beaven NILE

Dr Briony Beaven has worked with NILE since 2006. She is a language teaching consultant, teacher trainer and materials writer who taught English in a British secondary state school (PGCE and QTS) for several years before moving into teaching EFL, and later worked as the Director of Studies in a large adult education institute. Briony’s qualifications include a Doctorate of Education in TEFL from the University of Exeter and the UCLES Dip. TEFL. She is a NILE Affiliate Teacher Trainer, taking on teacher and trainer training courses with teachers around the world. She is the Module Leader for the NILE MAPDLE TD module and also supervises students on the NILE MAPDLE LTM module.

Briony is a Cambridge Teaching Awards DELTA tutor, assessor and moderator. She has served as the Co-ordinator of the Teacher Trainers’ and Educators’ Special Interest Group of IATEFL and was Editor of IATEFL Conference Selections for five years. She has presented at many international conferences and has written coursebooks for Oxford University Press and for Cornelsen Verlag as well as teacher training and trainer training courses. She has also published in The Teacher Trainer Journal, English Teaching Professional, Folio, ETAS Journal and IATEFL Conference Selections.

Available dates:

Course dates Location Course length
11 April - 22 June 2022 Online 8 weeks
19 September - 30 November 2022 Online 8 weeks