In the NILE Insights into Digital Technologies for Language Learning panel discussion in August 2020, we began to become aware of the scale and spread of instances of Hybrid Learning – teachers working with learners who are in the physical classroom and other learners who are online at the same time – in language teaching organisations. We decided to investigate this further and more formally, and brought in CES and International House Manchester language schools, who we knew were already running hybrid classes.

Together we designed a survey covering everything from technology to teacher training to market impact to learner feedback, and with the help of Eaquals, AQUEDUTO, EnglishUK, IALC, IH World Organisation and AISLI, we distributed the survey around the world in September. With over 150 responses from 30 countries, we brought in Sophia Mavridi to help analyse the data, and are now proud to share the resulting report with the educational community.

We hope you enjoy reading and find the results informative, useful and thought-provoking.

To discuss Hybrid Learning and the findings of the report further, we invited everyone to another NILE Insights event in January. NILE Director Thom Kiddle was joined by Chris Farrell (CES), John Glew-O’Leary (IH Manchester) and Sophia Mavridi (De Montford University, Centre for English Language Learning), to discuss their perspectives on the world of hybrid learning and answer the host’s and your questions. A recording of the event is available in the NILE Membership Area.