NILE is delighted to work with our fellow Eaquals member ESE Malta to co-deliver 1- and 2-week teacher development courses at their premises in St Julian’s.

These face-to-face programmes are available from March to November, and the quality of training, facilities, resources and support meet the same standards of excellence as NILE’s clients have come to expect.

All co-delivered teacher development programmes in Malta are eligible for Erasmus+ funding.

Is this course for you?

Location: St Julian's, Malta
Experience: Teachers in primary and secondary schools, depending on course
Language Level: B1 and higher, on the Common European Framework, depending on course
Course dates: Various between March and November
NILE Certificate
Option for Trinity CertTP
Course Length: 1 or 2 weeks
Course fees:
Registration fee: €100
Course fee: €525 (1 week) €1050 (2 weeks)
Accommodation: As per ESE
Accommodation: Various as offered by ESE
Minimum age: 18
Max class size: 16

Available Courses

CLIL – 1 and 2 weeks
Teaching Young Learners – 1 and 2 weeks
Classroom Activities, Interaction and Motivation – 1 and 2 weeks
Video and Story for Language Teachers – 2 weeks
Language Improvement for Teachers – 1 and 2 weeks
Technology Assisted Language Learning – 1 and 2 weeks
Teaching Skills and Language – 1 and 2 weeks 
Advanced Language Materials and Methodology – 1 and 2 weeks
Challenging Perspectives in Language Education – 2 weeks 

NILE is delighted to offer Erasmus+ funding recipients to continue working with us in an English-speaking context within the EU.

We are pleased to work with another trusted ecucational partner to provide academic opportunities and excellent student welfare support in another stunning location.