Franz MittendorferNILE Advisory Board

Franz Mittendorfer

Franz is a language teacher and teacher trainer. He co-founded (1992) and co-managed the Centre for Vocationally Oriented Language Education (CEBS) for more than two decades and co-authored the Austrian Language Portfolio for Young Adults and a range of teaching materials. On an international level, he contributed to the proceedings of the Thematic Working Group LANGUAGES FOR JOBS, set up by the European Commission (2010-2012), and was committed to the design and development of CERTILINGUA, a European programme defining and recognising excellent language and international competences. He has worked in Austria and abroad (Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia, Switzerland, Spain and Italy) and has been a member of the NILE teaching team since 2007.

He fervently supports a genuinely multilingual and objective-oriented approach to language education, the concept of Content and Language Integrated Language Learning (CLIL) and Liverpool FC.

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