Since NILE was founded in 1995 we have made it a major part of our mission to build relationships and partnerships. We now have collaborative partners all over the world. Since we first opened our doors we have worked with the British Council, both in the UK and worldwide, on a wide range of projects, including major curriculum and test development projects as well as teacher training and trainer training initiatives.

We also work with the Council of Europe and DfID. We work very closely with our sister institution here in Norwich, INTO University of East Anglia, and with the INTO network of joint ventures in the UK and the USA, for whom NILE is the professional development arm. We have collaborated with a number of universities outside of the UK, including in Austria, China, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. NILE also works with teacher training institutes such as the Beijing Institute of Education, Pedagogic Institutes in Austria and teacher development centres like the Akademie für Lehrerfortbildung und Personalführung in Bavaria. We work closely with national educational ministries and regional education authorities to design and deliver tailor-made courses to meet their specific requirements. Examples include the Austrian Ministry of Education, the Basque and Catalan education authorities, CIEP, the teacher development arm of the French Ministry of Education, the Comunidad de Madrid, the Education Commission of the Canton of Schwyz, the Italian Education Ministry and many more. NILE is closely associated with MATSDA, the international language teaching materials development association, where Dave Allan is Chair. We are also associate or institutional members of a range of teachers’ associations around the world, including APPI (Portugal), BRAZTESOL (Brazil), ETAS (Switzerland), FAAPI (Argentina), IATEFL, TESOL France and TESOL Spain, for all of whom we regularly provide conference speakers. We work hard to develop these and other important relationships, while continuing to make new professional contacts who we hope may also become our professional partners and friends.