Welcome to the Webinars!

NILE hosts webinars on a range of topics throughout the year. 

The webinars are announced on our news and events page, via newsletters and social media, and recordings of the webinars are always available on our webpage.

We have collated a list of the NILE webinars here, please click through to watch the recordings

Russell Stannard
Flipping Your Language Classes - what can it do for your learners?
January 2020

Carole Anne Robinson
Taking Notice as Teachers and Trainers
May 2019

Neil Bullock
Teaching English for Professional Purposes
March 2019

Susan Hillyard
Drama As a Bridge to Literacy
A NILE-ETAS joint webinar
October 2017

Phil Ball
The Changing Face of CLIL
March 2017

Alan Pulverness and Carole Anne Robinson
The Modular Delta: Information Webinar (direct link) 
January 2017

Hanna K Furre and Alison Lake
Erasmus+ made easy: Erasmus+ Application 2017 
January 2017

Claudia Rey
Now You See It, Now You Don't: The Magic of Thinking Routines in ELT 
September 2016

Tom Sarney
10 Techniques to Maximise Speaking in the Language Classroom 
July 2016

Elena Peresada
How to Gamify your English Class 
May 2016

David Farmer
Drama Games for Language Learning 
May 2016

Chris Rose
How to keep up with language change 
April 2016

Tony Prince
Developing Academic Reading: What to cover and where to focus 
March 2016

Alan Pulverness
Think Globally, Act Locally: adapting published materials 
January 2016

Jamie Keddie
Video and Storytelling 
November 2015

Susi Pearson and Maria Heron
Authenticity in Language Teaching 
December 2015

Tom Sarney
An Enquiry-Based Approach to INSET 
December 2015

Sandie Mourão
Approaches to pre-primary language learning: more than just ELT 
September 2015

Tony Prince
Teaching Across Cultures 
September 2015

Johanna Stirling
Online Teacher Development - Now It's Getting Personal 
September 2015

Jason Skeet
Feedback and Assessment in CLIL 
April 2015