Since launching NILE Online in April 2014 we have received glowing feedback on this innovative digital learning platform. See for yourself some of the feedback we have had from NILE Online course participants. 

Cristina Bento, Portugal

Teaching Young Learners


Vasiliy Gorbachev, Russia

Language Awareness: Understanding Teaching and Learning


Denisse Apotheloz, Uruguay

From Teacher to Trainer


Bruno Cesar, Brazil

Teaching Skills and Systems


Uma Kalyanaraman, India

 Methods and Materials in ELT


Marta Hajnal, Hungary

Teaching English for Academic Purposes



Merve Oflaz, Turkey

Intercultural Awareness in Language Teaching

"We always received immediate feedback and help from our great tutor Csilla Hös who was so encouraging, motivating and inspiring."

"Being with colleagues from different parts of the world was great. We learnt from each other and shared our experiences. "


Click here to see Merve's full blog post about her time on a NILE Online course.




Myrtill Lenkefi, Hungary 


"What I most like about this course is that online work allows me to organize my tasks in the most comfortable way.  It is my responsibility how much time I spend on each unit and  how much I benefit from the course. I am not stressed that I have to be present somewhere on time , I can stop whenever I need some extra information and first check it before continuing with my studies. The whole thing is user friendly."







Teresita Curbelo, Uruguay

"The website is extremely user-friendly"
"I learnt a lot and the course also validated many of the things I do as a teacher trainer. Both tutors were readily available, answering our questions and giving us feedback on our performance and work done. "




Pinar Artar, Turkey

"I would definitely recommend NILE online" 

"The opportunity to interact with so many people constantly is the strongest aspect of the programme. The tasks in the units keep the interaction with the colleagues at a maximum. It is great to meet such wonderful people ready to share their knowledge and experience."




Marija Lucak, Serbia

Maria testimonial

"Teacher training is relatively new in Serbia, and courses for those who would like to give it a go are rare, so yours was a godsend."

"It was well-designed and well-paced. The trainer had both the theoretical knowledge and the experience necessary to guide us through the course. She is one of a kind! The course participants were experienced in teacher training, so their contributions were precious."





Abebaw Eshetu Fantahun, Ethiopia

"I did not know that an online course is that much interactive till I started attending this course with NILE. I found the course very interactive at different patterns, individual, pair and whole class (webinar).

I have learned from the course how I can manage the instructional activities easily, design an effective activity that serves the aim, increase the level of interaction in ELT and scale up the motivational level of my students."


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