At NILE, we recognise the importance of the cultural and social dimensions of a teacher development programme. We want everyone who comes to NILE Norwich or NILE Manchester to benefit not only from the professional development opportunities offered by the course itself, but also to have the chance to enjoy being in such contrasting cities in the UK. We want our course participants to have an immersive learning experience, to live the language as well as learning more about it, and to gain insights into what life in a British city is really like.

Our social programme team aims to provide a social and cultural programme appropriate to each course, to complement the work that takes place in the classroom and to offer opportunities for cultural insights and intercultural learning. Our participants will explore the city and meet local people, and, in getting together for new experiences through our social programme events, befriend and learn from their international NILE colleagues.

Activities will typically include some of the following: a welcome event, often in a traditional British pub; a guided tour of the city, a music, poetry or traditional storytelling evening; a ceilidh (traditional folk dancing event); an evening sampling the local food of the region; evening visits to the cinema and/or theatre; trips to the Norfolk Broads/North Norfolk Coast/Peak District/Lake District/ Liverpool/Cambridge and London. There will also be a final farewell event, which could be a traditional cream tea for hundreds in the Cathedral Cloister or a dinner for a small group.

Our team is always happy to assist individuals or groups who would like to pursue special interests, whether cultural, sporting or recreational. Our local network enables us to direct our participants to community groups when wanting to try out their hobbies in the UK - either for continued practice or to get a fresh perspective – past examples include rowing clubs, knitter-natter and trumpet practice! – and we will do our best to help in arranging anything from watching Premier League football to seal-safaris. Overall, our goal is for all our participants to return home having had a rewarding time, both professionally and socially, with positive and interesting memories of NILE, Norwich, Manchester and the UK.