#3 NILE Newsletter 2014

IATEFL is coming!

NILE always has a strong presence at IATEFL and this year is no exception. In Harrogate next week, our trainers will give talks, presentations and workshops and of course we will be launching NILE Online!

From stand 30, Dave Allan, Thom Kiddle, Alan Pulverness and Alan MacKenzie will represent the Management Team. From our teaching team we have Maria Heron, Carole Robinson, Johanna Stirling, Jamie Keddie and Sandie Mourão. Business Development Co-ordinator Hanna K. Furre will be managing the stand with Joe Nockles from our web-team.

We have compiled a list of our academic talks, times and rooms, and hope you find them interesting and useful.

Come and see us at stand 30, stay in touch via Twitter or Facebook, or log on to Harrogate Online and follow the conference live. Why not try a NILE Online taster course while you are there?

We look forward to seeing you next week!

The Launch of NILE Online!

We are immensely pleased to invite you to the official launch of NILE Online at IATEFL Harrogate.

We would be delighted if you would join us for bubbly and chocolate treats at the afternoon coffee break at stand 30, Wednesday 2nd April, 4.35pm.

We are proud to unveil the courses we have developed, and we will be offering a 25% discount on online courses if you sign up at IATEFL. There will also be a raffle for a free course at the launch, so please put your business card in our 'hat'!

As may already be aware, NILE Online differs from many other online courses by being tutor-led, supervised and assessed, with a clear professional development pathway.

We have 7 online courses starting on 14 April 2014. Each course lasts 12 weeks and offers a flexible and innovative way of studying with NILE.

                                                                                    All Online Courses

Focus on the Trainer: Russell Stannard

We have recently welcomed Russell Stannard onto our team of NILE Associate Trainers.

Russell is an expert in Technology in Language Education and Assessment, and an ELTons winner for his Teacher Training Videos website and newsletter. He has already been working with us on courses for teachers from Kazakhstan, on a revision of the Developing Learner Autonomy module, and a Facebook project evaluation for BC Chile, as well as advising on the development of NILE Online.

We pinned him down for a quick interview to get to know him better.

Changes to the NILE team
We are very pleased to announce that Alan MacKenzie will be joining the NILE team as NILE Associate Director from April.

Alan has worked with many of the NILE team on projects during his posts with the BC in Thailand, India and Pakistan, and will be a great asset to both the management and teaching teams.

There's bound to be some confusion around the office due to our existing Alan Pulverness, Dave Allan, and Rod Alan Bolitho. He will probably come to be known as Alan Mac..

Mariann Pataki, NILE’s Assistant Accommodation Officer & Assistant Registrar, is having a baby next month! We wish her all the best with her little one and look forward to having her back. In the meantime, we are lucky to have Lucy Oram, who has 10 years’ experience from local language schools, replacing her.

Also new to NILE is Sherri Wilson Morissette, taking on the role of Student Welfare Officer based in Hales Court House, and Erin Lake, who some of you may know from previous summers, is back permanently as an Administrative Assistant from April.

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