Sandie has lived and worked in Portugal since 1987. She is an independent scholar, working as a teacher educator, author and consultant and specialising in early years language education. She has experience of working with all age groups and their teachers, but her main focus is pre-primary (ages 3 - 6 years). Sandie has an MA in TESOL from The University of Manchester and a PhD in didactics and teacher education from The University of Aveiro in Portugal. Both her MA dissertation and PhD thesis involved research in pre-primary contexts.

Sandie’s other passion is picturebooks, a form of children’s literature, which uses both picture and word to create meaning. She writes a blog, Picturebooks in ELT, which promotes the use of picturebooks with language learners of all age groups.

Sandie has authored a number of language learning courses and resource books and is the co-author of the guidelines for primary English education in Portugal. She is a regular contributor to edited volumes, journals and magazines related to ELT. She is also co-editor of the CLELE journal, an open access online journal, which brings children’s literature and language learning together.

Sandie gives plenaries, workshops and presentations around the world, and has worked as a trainer with NILE since 2006. She writes teacher development materials and is a part-time trainer for Oxford University Press and Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês (APPI).


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Sandie Mourão NILE Training Consultant