Martyn has been an ELT professional for 30 years and in more than fifteen countries in UK, Europe, Central America and Africa. He has taught English at all levels and in many contexts from one-to-one in financial institutions to rural schools with classes of eighty students.

In my experience, all teachers genuinely feel they can make world just a little bit better. It’s this realistic optimism about life that makes them so inspiring to work with.

As a consultant teacher trainer and advisor he has experience in numerous education development projects around the world including both pre-service and in-service programmes in Ethiopia, Laos, Djibouti and Mexico.  He has designed and taught on UK under- and post-graduate teacher development programmes for the University of St Mark and St John covering areas of teaching and training methodology, mentoring, and observation supervision. He is an Oxford Teachers Academy trainer and has designed and delivered courses on EAP and ELT Management.  He has delivered professional development webinars for Oxford University Press, and currently manages the Global Webinar project and the OTA Community of teachers. He has delivered OUP teacher development seminars and workshops across Europe and the Middle East for ten years.

His management experience includes three years as Director of Operations for a group of language schools in the UK and Ireland, responsible for all academic, administrative, and HR functions of the organisation. In this role he oversaw the project management of professional development systems, including 360 appraisal and mentoring support initiatives, as well as a syllabus review and reform project.His main professional interests lie in two main areas. First, the processes of professional development and how this is fostered by management within organisations to create a culture of support and learning. The other related area is in the approaches and practices of mentoring and teacher supervision.

Conference Presentations

  • Learning at Work: Approaches and activities for CPD 

    EnglishUK SW Annual Conference, Bicton, Devon, October 2015 

  • Managing Change… Managing Expectations 

    EnglishUK AGM, London, May 2014

  • Effective Appraisals

    EnglishUK Management Conference, Bristol, March 2014

  • Beyond comprehension – practical activities for exploiting texts

    Learner Autonomy: 3 key competences

    Swiss English Teachers Association (ETAS) Conference, Sierre, Switzerland, June 2013 

  • User, Analyst and Learner: Supporting the dimensions of the contemporary adult language learner.

    OUP Annual ELT Conference, Riga, Latvia, March 2013

  • Synergy in exam preparation

    Cambridge ESOL Conference, Rotterdam, November 2012

  • Encouraging communication: Language, motivation, and opportunity   

    Brighton English Language Teaching Event (BELTE), October 2012

  • Pronunciation Matters

    20th HUPE Conference (Croatian English Teachers Association), Opatia, Croatia, April 2012

  • Assessment for learning in (and out of) the EFL classroom

    TED 5th International Conference, Istanbul, Turkey March 2012

  • Achieving results in writing: meeting the criteria.

    Cambridge ESOL Conference, Rotterdam, November 2011

  • It’s not just the language: Holistic level testing

    Montpellier ELT Association Conference, June 2011

  • Getting from B to C on the CEFR.

    Oxford Teachers’ Day, Bucharest, Romania, May 2011

  • A blended solution for FCE preparation

    ELT Exam Conference, OUP, Manchester, UK, April 2011

  • Creating speaking activities from the CEFR

    OUP ELT Teacher Conference, Luxembourg, February 2010

  • Culture and language: Does it matter?

    Publishers  Christmas Event, Krakow, Poland, December 2009 

  • Enhancing self-assessment in the learning process

    OUP Russian EFL Teachers Association, Moscow, October 2009

  • Bridging the gap between FCE and CAE

    Cambridge ESOL Spring Seminar, Horgen, Switzerland, March 2009

  • Synergy in FCE Preparation

    Cambridge ESOL Spring Seminar, Horgen, Switzerland, March 2008



Martyn Clarke NILE
Martyn Clarke NILE

Martyn Clarke NILE Consultant Trainer