James Thomas heads an ELT Department at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. In addition to standard teacher training courses, he is active in e-learning, corpus work and ICT for ELT. He regularly conducts teacher training courses for NILE, and in China and Austria.

In 2010 he was awarded the British Council ELTon for innovation in ELT publishing for his co-authored book, Global Issues in ELT (http://www.globalissues.eu), and in the same year hosted the bi-annual Teaching and Language Corpora (TALC) conference. He is now a committee member of TALC and of the Corpus SIG (http://corpuscall.eu) at EuroCALL. His research investigates the potential for applying language acquisition findings to the pedagogical use of corpora, and training future language teachers to incorporate corpus work and e-learning into their professional lives. He is currently exploiting corpus data to extend the work of British linguists that has focussed on collocation and multi-word units. He is published in a variety of journals, primarily those concerned with language education and technology. His most recent publication is Teaching and Language Corpora: Input, Process and Product (http://www.muni.cz/research/publications/987419), of which he is the co-editor.


  • Co-editor of Teaching and Language Corpora: Input, Process and Product

James Thomas
James Thomas

James Thomas NILE Consultant Trainer