Alan Pulverness is Senior Consultant at NILE and Course Leader for the NILE TEFL Delta Modules.

He has worked extensively for the British Council in Central and Eastern Europe and in Russia on materials development, syllabus design and reader development projects. He has co-written a number of ELT textbooks, including the award-winning Macmillan Short Course Programme (1993; 1995). He has also edited students’ editions of Macbeth (SEI 2000; Cornelsen 2005) and Romeo and Juliet (Cornelsen 2007) and was editorial adviser for The Literary Labyrinth (SEI 1993) and The World Wide Reader (OUP & La Nuova Italia 2001). His most recent publications are Reading Matters (Helbling 2007) and The TKT Course (CUP 2005; 2011). From 2000 to 2004 he edited IATEFL Conference Selections and he co-chaired the British Council Oxford Conference on the Teaching of Literature from 2002 to 2006


  • Extensive Reading” in Green Line 6 & Green Line 10 Teacher’s Books (Klett Verlag 2010)

  • Criss Cross Advanced/Changing Skies: The European Course for Advanced Learners (Swan/Hueber 2001)

  • (with Antoinette Moses) Right Now 1 & 2 – videos, activity books & teacher’s books (Oxford University Press 2000; 2001)

  • (with Dorottya Hollo & Mimi Kocanova) Criss Cross Upper Intermediate Practice Book (Swan/Hueber 2000)

  • (with Matthew Farthing & Antoinette Moses) 3 units of GNVQ Media: Communication and Production Advanced (Longman 1996)

  • (with Matthew Farthing) Insights (English Language Arts & Macmillan 1989)

  • (with Matthew Farthing) The Key to Cambridge First Certificate (English Language Arts & Filmscan Lingual House 1988; Longman 1990)

  • with Charles Duce & Hartmut Weber) Modern English II (Leverkusen: Bayer Sprachzentrum 1973); republished as English for Commerce (Klett 1976)

  • Co-editor (with David A Hill The Best of Both Worlds? International perspectives on CLIL (Lulu 2009)

  • Co-editor (with Antoinette Moses), New English Fiction Vols 1-6 (Recanati: European Language Institute 2003/2004)

  • Editorial Consultant, Andrews, M., U. Pohl et al.: Zoom In: Looking into Britain through Hungarian Eyes, (Swan Communication 2001)

  • Co-editor (with Michael Houten) “New Directions, New Opportunities” proceedings of the British Studies Conference, Puławy, Poland (2000-2001)

  • Editor, Folio – MATSDA Journal (1999-2003)

  • Co-editor (with Gerhard Finster), IATEFL Special Interest Group Symposium September 1997, Akademiebericht Nr. 318 (Akademie für Lehrerfortbildung und Personalführung, Dillingen/Donau 1998)

  • Co-editor IATEFL Literature & Cultural Studies Special Interest Group Newsletter (1997-1999); Editor (since 2012)

  • Editorial adviser, The Literary Labyrinth by Mariella Scarpa (SEI, Turin 1989; 1991)

Conference Presentations

  • IATEFL Glasgow (2012) “Tongue-tied: James Kelman’s Kieron Smith, boy”

  • IATEFL Liverpool (2013) “Pinteresque”

  • IATEFL Harrogate (2010) [with Sarah Mount] “The pleasure of the text: Managing and sustaining reading groups”

  • LEND, Catania (2009) “Il cultural nell’uso linguistico: Values, vibes and cultural scripts – what we mean when we use English”

  • RATE, Cluj-Napoca; TESOL Rome (2009) [with Sarah Mount] “Hot seats and slithy toves: activities for reading groups”

  • IATEFL, Cardiff (2009) [with Sarah Mount] “A meeting of minds: using literature to teach management”

  • MATSDA, Dublin (2009) “And then… Anecdotes, Scenarios and Critical Incidents”

  • IATEFL YL SIG, Beijing (2008) “‘What does a lessin look like?’ Learning how to learn”

  • IATEFL Exeter, EATE, Tartu (2008) & ETAS Chur (2009) [with Sarah Mount] “Guilty pleasure? Reading groups and reader development”

  • TESOL, Madrid & NILE, Norwich (2008) “Only connect: CLIL, the learner and the world beyond the classroom”

  • LEND, Sardegna (2007) & TESOL, Rome (2008) “Same but different: seeing culture through language”

  • TEFLIN, Salatiga & VTTN, Hanoi (2006) “What we know and what we do: From Teaching Knowledge to Teacher Development”

  • EtP Live, London (2006) “Classroom Research and the Whole Teacher”

  • British Council Convegno, Bologna (2006)

  • “A Good Read: Selecting and Teaching Fiction for Teenage Readers”APPI, Lisbon (2005) “Bringing texts together”

  • TEFLIN, Yogyakarta (2005): Keynote address – “Squaring the Circle: linguistic rights and educational realities”

  • British Council Convegno, Sorrento; International House Teacher Trainers’ Conference, London (2005) “The TKT Course: from teaching knowledge to teacher development”

Alan Pulverness NILE
Alan Pulverness NILE

Alan Pulverness NILE Senior Consultant