Alan Mackenzie recently migrated to Norwich after 25 years in Asia. Starting as a language teacher in private language schools in Japan, he completed his MA TESOL with Teachers College Columbia University and moved onto teaching in universities and colleges. He later taught the Autonomy course on that MA programme for four years. In 2004 he moved to Thailand as a teacher trainer for the British Council, eventually graduating to project manager for training projects across East Asia. As Senior Training Consultant in India, he was responsible for large-scale teacher development projects in Punjab, West Bengal, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, and trained teachers and students from 100 schools across India to take part in BBC School News Report. He is also architect of the British Council Punjab Education and English Language Initiative (PEELI) in Pakistan. He is currently a director of TransformELT.


His particular areas of interest are CLIL, integration of thinking skills, fostering autonomy (learner and teacher), assessment and materials design. He is also interested in monitoring and evaluating educational change projects, particularly defining what actually works and how we can measure it.



  • Alan has edited a number of publications, including:

    Content and language education: Looking at the future (JALT CUE-SIG1999)

  • (with Eamon McCafferty) Developing Autonomy (JALT CUE-SIG 2000)

  • Curriculum innovation, evaluation and testing (JALT CUE-SIG 2001)

  • Can English medium education work in Pakistan? Lessons from Punjab (British Council, 2013)

  • Articles:

    Teachers, Transitions and Time: Learing for Educational Change (2007) in Barfield, A & Brown, S.H. eds Reconstructing Autonomy in Language Education. Inquiry and Innovation. Palgrave Macmillan

Alan Mackenzie NILE
Alan Mackenzie NILE

Alan Mackenzie NILE Senior Consultant