NILE Online offers interactive, tutor-led teacher training and teacher development that you can fit around your busy working life.

In 2020, we are offering alternative versions of some of our face-to-face courses as intensive, online 3-week programmes starting in July and August. 


Our new online course Take your Teaching Online is available at no cost until the end of May.  

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NILE Online Year-Round Courses

With just five hours a week of online study time, over an eight week period, you will learn skills and practices that you can apply to your professional life straight away.

NILE Online is the first online course provider aligned to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. NILE Online courses are also formally aligned to the Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development.

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Our trainer training courses, From Teacher to Trainer and Trainer Development, are also aligned to the Cambridge English Trainer Framework developed in collaboration with NILE.

Introducing NILE Online

Each course is designed and run by a NILE tutor with experience and an international reputation in the topic area, and has a maximum of 16 course participants.

We employ a range of multimedia and bespoke activities to truly exploit the digital medium.

You will be able to choose when and where you study, as long as you stick to the unit deadlines. Occasionally courses will feature synchronous sessions such as live chats, webinars and video conferencing sessions, and these will be at a time agreed by participants and your course tutor.

You will work towards the production of an assessed product in each course and receive a certificate of achievement for this and your participation in course activities.

All NILE Online courses uphold the NILE tradition of excellence in tutoring, materials, support and engagement.

NILE Online co-founded Aqueduto, an organisation set up with the dual aim of helping training providers highlight the quality of their online courses and end users identify those providers.





NILE Online was shortlisted for the 2015 ELTons award for Digital Innovation.


Online courses

Find out more about your first NILE Online experience below, or download our course list by date:


A series of specialised 3-week programmes; Flipped Classes, Drama, Visual Arts and more More info

NILE Online 8-week courses:

Classroom Activities, Interaction and Motivation September 2020 More info
Intercultural Awareness in Language Teaching On demand More info
Teaching Skills and Language 2020 dates to be confirmed More info
Discover Contemporary English On demand More info
Testing, Evaluation and Assessment January 2020, April 2020, September 2020 More info
Technology Assisted Language Learning January 2020 More info
Teaching Young Learners September 2020 More info
Teaching English in Pre-Primary Education January 2020, April 2020, September 2020 More info
Content and Language Integrated Learning April 2020 More info
Management in Language Education January 2020, April 2020, September 2020 More info
Materials Development for Language Education January 2020, April 2020, September 2020 More info
Syllabus Design and Development January 2020 More info
Teaching English for Academic Purposes April 2020 More info
Teaching English for Aviation September 2020 More info
From Teacher to Trainer April 2020, September 2020 More info
Trainer Development January 2020, April 2020, September 2020 More info

Don't forget our new, free course:

Take your Teaching Online      Continuous Enrolment More info

NILE-Macmillan Education jointly developed courses:

Teaching Through English: Primary Maths and Science On demand More info
Practical Language for Teaching: Primary On demand More info
Practical Language for Teaching: Secondary On demand More info


Bespoke versions and closed group options are available for all courses. Please contact us for details.

MA in Professional Development for Language Education Study online or face to face            More info

What's it like to study a NILE Online course?

Take a tour of NILE Online with Russell Stannard

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To find out what it is like to take a NILE Online course, from NILE Online students, read these testimonials:

NILE Online Testimonials

To find out more about what an online course looks like and how it works, watch the course preview video or try our online course taster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the coronavirus impacting NILE and its courses?

Please read our updated Corona statement

What does a course look like?

The courses run in a virtual learning environment (VLE) called Moodle. They are highly interactive and collaborative. You will work with a variety of media and content and learn as you interact with your tutor, the materials, and your fellow course participants.

How many participants are on a course?

NILE Online courses have a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 16 participants so individual tutor support and a strong sense of individual and group identity is guaranteed. Some NILE Online courses (e.g. MAPDLE Developing Learner Autonomy; Delta Modules) are designed for individual study with tutor support.

How much tutor support will I get?

Your tutor will be available for you to contact throughout the course. He or she will also moderate and contribute to discussions, answer questions, give group or individual feedback on some tasks and summarise the group’s contributons at the end of each unit. In addition, you will get personal help with your final assignment and feedback on this.

When do I have to be online to do my course work?

Most of the course work is done asynchronously (i.e. not through real-time interaction – you will be able to choose when and where you study, as long as you stick to Unit deadlines. Occasionally courses will feature synchronous sessions such as live chats, webinars and video conferencing sessions, and these will be at a time agreed by participants and the course tutor.

What happens if I miss a deadline?

Deadlines are there to help you plan and manage your study time, but they are not fixed in stone. If you do miss the occasional deadline, our tutors will work with you to get you back on track and ensure you have the chance to finish the course in a timely fashion.

Do I need to know a lot about computers?

If you can open a webpage and send an email you’re ready to do one of our courses.

What sort of equipment do I need?

You will need a computer, a headset (with microphone) and an Internet connection. You can do much of the course on a tablet or mobile device, but will need a computer for synchronous sessions.

I’m not a ‘techy’ person – will I be able to do this?

Yes – the technology employed is user-friendly, and always made accessible with clear, straightforward instructions.

Will I receive a certificate?

There is a certificate based on the assessed products. The pass mark for NILE Online courses is 60%, with an additional certificate of distinction for those receiving a mark of 80% and above. Certification is also based on participation in 80% of course activities.

Can I access the course and the materials after the taught part of the programme is over?

Yes. You will have access to your course and the NILE Library Online for at least six months after the end of the course. During this time you can download your resources from the course: your notes, summaries, articles, videos etc.

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