NILE is pleased to invite you to another series of free Professional Development webinars. Senior staff and Associated Trainers are contributing to the first part of our winter webinar series, which includes Jamie Keddie on videotelling, Alan Pulverness on materials development, and Maria Heron and Susi Pearson on authenticity. Tom Sarney will provide advice and debate on INSET days, and there will be a special Erasmus+ webinar offering tips and support on funding applications (date to be annnounced) for those of you wishing to participate in a face-to-face course in Norwich or Manchester.

Some of these webinars are directly linked to NILE Online courses, which offer in-depth study and longer-term projects in the areas useful to you. Participation in our winter webinars entitles you to a discount on NILE Online courses*. 

We will continue our winter webinar series in the new year with sessions on peer observation among others. Suggestions for CPD topics that will benefit you in your teaching and learning are always welcome, please contact us with your ideas. In the meantime, enjoy the winter webinars!


Wednesday 25th November 2015 16.00 GMT/UTC
Jamie Keddie
Video and Storytelling

"Ever since YouTube was launched in 2005, I have been fascinated by the stories that come out of video-sharing culture. As a teacher, these are the stories that I like to use in the classroom. In this webinar, I will share some interactive video-story activities and demonstrate how we can use them to get students listening, thinking and speaking."

Jamie Keddie is a teacher trainer, writer and the founder of His areas of interest include the use of visual materials, storytelling and video technologies in the classroom. His publications include ‘Images’ (OUP 2009), ‘Bringing online video into the classroom’ (OUP 2014) and ‘Videotelling’ (2016). Jamie is an Associate Trainer at NILE.



Wednesday 2 December 16.00 GMT/UTC
Susi Pearson and Maria Heron
Authenticity in Language Teaching

"In this webinar, we will look at two aspects of authenticity in language teaching: authentic materials and authentic tasks. We will think about the value of using authentic texts in the classroom and how to create tasks that will motivate learners. We will also consider what makes an activity authentic and whether the ones we use in our teaching always need to reflect real-life communication."

Susi Pearson has been a teacher for over 20 years and a teacher trainer since 1999. She lived and worked abroad for many years, in Portugal, Poland and Brazil and has more recently run training courses in Kazakhstan and Russia.
She is now based in Norwich, UK, where she is a NILE Associate Trainer. She is also a CELTA trainer and recently completed an MA in Professional Development for Language Education with NILE, receiving a British Council Commendation for her Dissertation. She has been closely involved with the Nile Online project, both as a course designer and tutor. Her particular interests are developing effective ELT materials, how to keep learners motivated and teaching phonology.

Maria Heron has been working as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer for over thirty years. She has trained teachers in the UK, Argentina, Chile, Kazakhstan and Canada. She is CELTA Centre Manager at NILE and has set up a CELTA centre at ICBC in Santiago de Chile and delivered CELTA courses in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Perm, Russia.
She is also a CELTA assessor and a Delta tutor and gives presentations at international conferences. She has just completed her MA at NILE in collaborative partnership with the University of Chichester. Her chief ELT interests are materials development and the role of affect in language learning.


Wednesday 9 December 16.00 GMT/UTC
Tom Sarney
An Enquiry-Based Approach to INSET

"Most teachers and institutions recognise the need for continuous professional development and this is often delivered via INSET (in-service training) sessions. These, however, can be tricky for busy trainers and heads to organise and are sometimes met with little enthusiasm by teachers. In this webinar we will start by looking at some common issues with a traditional approach to in-service training and then we will explore how enquiry-based INSET can tackle some of these problems. I will illustrate the main principles of this approach by describing my own experience setting up such a project and give you some hints for implementing it in your own school or institution."

Tom Sarney has been a teacher and teacher trainer in Australia, Thailand, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia for over 15 years and has just returned to the UK. The majority of his time abroad was spent working with the British Council on CELTA, Delta, ICELT, and CELTYL programmes as well as designing in-house training programmes based on materials design and action research cycles. He is currently finishing his MA in language education specialising in teacher development and materials adaptation.
Tom’s interests in EFL are currently integrating cinema into courses, task based teaching and learning and trying to create ‘flow’ in the classroom.



Wednesday 13 January 2016 16.00 GMT/UTC
Alan Pulverness
Think Globally, Act Locally: adapting published materials

"Materials are always written for idealised teaching situations and always require some degree of adaptation to meet the needs of particular learners in particular classrooms. Indeed, we could say that teachers are the co-writers of the materials they use. In this webinar we will look at the partnership between teachers and materials. We will ask what teachers can reasonably expect from materials and what they should expect to provide themselves. And we will look at ways in which teachers can intervene to localise their textbooks."

Alan Pulverness is an Academic Director at NILE and (with Johanna Stirling) runs NILE’s Materials Development course. Author/co-author of a number of ELT textbooks, including the award-winning Short Course Programme (Macmillan 1993), he has worked extensively with the British Council in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland on cultural studies teaching materials and syllabus projects and in Russia on reader development. From 2002 to 2006 he was the editor of IATEFL Conference Selections and from 2001 to 2005 he was co-chair of the British Council’s Oxford Conference on the Teaching of Literature. Among his recent publications are Reading Matters (Helbling 2007) and (with Mary Spratt and Melanie Williams) The TKT Course (CUP 2005; 2011).



See the time of the winter webinars where you are.

Details of how to  claim your 33% discount will be given during the webinar*. Certificate of attendance will be available upon request. Links to recordings* of all the webinars will be available after the last date. 

*Only participants of the live webinar will qualify for course discounts.

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