NILE Director Thom Kiddle will be IATEFL TEASIG's guest speaker on their webinar entitled Text difficulty and item development: practical considerations for teachers who test

This webinar will look at the relationship between the difficulty of reading texts and test items related to them, with particular reference to a new kind of reading item and some of the studies which have been conducted on it. The session will be conducted from the perspective of classroom teachers working with texts and tests, and will look at a number of different approaches, which any classroom teacher can carry out, for evaluating text difficulty and considering its relationship to item difficulty.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday 6 May 2015 at 5pm (UK local time) / 6pm CET and is open to anyone who is interested. It will be recorded and available a week after the event on the TEASIG website for a limited time. After that it will be available only to IATEFL members.

You can access the webinar through the IATEFL website or directly here: There is no registration necessary and there will a Moderator in the room about one hour before the event starts.

To find out what time the webinar airs where you are, check out the world clock here

Participants will be given the chance to contribute their insights on Thom’s subject and questions are welcomed.

We hope to meet many of you there!

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