This week it is exactly 20 years since the first NILE course took place, and look what a lovely email Dave received from his first student, a Swiss self-confessed "wife and hobby-teacher" at the time. Barbara Beusch has since gone on to do several courses with NILE, including the MA, and is now Head of Section at a large pharmaceuitcal company in Switzerland.


Dear Dave,

Today 20 years ago at this time I had my first day of lessons at NILE behind me, feeling mildly confused, trying to get my head around being at 'school' again. I have very fond memories of the three weeks in Norwich. At the same time I was blissfully unaware of where the next years would be taking me. Now I know of course that even the hard times served a good purpose.

The greatest benefit is having found a friendship that outlasted a major career change.

Thank you for having stayed in touch, for all the great training, and for giving me reasons to come to Norwich over and over.

I hope things are going well for you and your family, and for NILE a strong next 20 years.

Love and blessings




Hi Barbara!


You're wonderful! I've just found your e.mail. I've just come upstairs to my computer from saying 'Goodbye' to the last of the members of the NILE team who came round to my house for a drink this evening.

I've been very conscious of our 20th birthday, very grateful for the fact that we've not only survived for two decades but done well. Doing well for me has not been a judgement determined by the bottom line, though I know we always have to be viable financially, but that we've fulfilled our original mission to provide good language education and training to the world.

And you were our first success by being your own success - and you are still part of our family.

Thank-you for remembering - as I have remembered you with pleasure.

My and our very best to you,




Posted with the permission of Barbara and Dave.

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