Over the last month NILE has enjoyed being involved in the British Council’s Teaching for Success project in Tunisia. Our international team of trainers, working alongside a group of local Teaching Advisors, has trained over 1800 Tunisian Primary teachers from all across the country. The project is designed to equip teachers working in public schools with the skill, knowledge and confidence to teach English more effectively through child-centred, activity-based classroom approaches.

The training has had to take place online and that has allowed us to involve trainers who are based all over the world, and come from different backgrounds and brought different experiences to the project.

This broad international team is based in countries as diverse and far apart as Canada, Mexico, Argentina, the UAE, Australia, the UK, The Republic of North Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ireland, France, Belgium and Italy.

This meant that some of our trainers had to cope with huge time differences and very early starts or very late finishes!

It’s been a joy to observe the enthusiasm and dedication of the Tunisian teachers over these past few weeks and we look forward to continuing our work on this great project.


Photo from the trainers' farewell do Thursday 12 November

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