Our first Power-Up course, Flipping Your Classes with Russell Stannard, has been running for a while now and has been an incredibly popular course. So we’re really excited to announce more Power-Up courses starting very soon.

As you probably know, NILE Power-Ups are short, practical online courses that give you the tools and confidence to do something new in your teaching. For example in Flipping Your Classes, participants not only learn about the concept of flipped learning but also learn how to use webtools to construct their own flipped classroom. Some teachers actually start flipping their lessons before the course has finished. Power-Up courses have two live webinars, practical tasks and those who pass the final assignment receive a NILE Online Certificate.

The two new courses both focus on creativity in the classroom. So if you ever feel that your classes need something to pep them up and get the students wholly engaged, read on...

First up is Jamie Keddie’s Video & Image Power-Up. In this course participants will look at ways of using images in class to not only grab learners’ attention but also as a tool for language work. There will be activities that you can apply to different pictures. Some of these activities involve actually hiding the picture from the learners to make them curious and thus stimulate language. Also Jamie will explore the use of video. This will include freely available online videos, videos made by learners and videos made by teachers. Participants have practical tasks they can do in each unit and at the end of a course, there is an assignment to put into practice ideas learnt on the course. Jamie will give feedback on individual assignments. The first course starts on 20th November.

Early 2018, 22nd January to be precise, sees the start of the new Drama Games for Language Teaching Power-Up with David Farmer. David has been working with NILE groups on drama games and activities for many years and we are delighted that he has written an online course now for those who haven’t had an opportunity to attend in Norwich (or who can’t get enough of his work). David will explore drama activities and techniques for different stages of the lesson, such as warm-ups, and for different purposes in language teaching. The content is presented through a series of videos, so you can watch how the drama games are set up and used. Again there will be a practical assignment at the end of the course.

David is also hosting a free webinar in January on Drama Games in Language Teaching. Book your place here.

To join any of these courses, apply via the website. And keep an eye on our social media channels for other Power-Up course in 2018!

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