• NILE was founded in 1995 on outward-looking and all-welcoming principles and we have enjoyed 21 years of friendship and collaboration with teachers and other education professionals across Europe and around the world.

    There is no way the referendum decision will impact on our beliefs in that regard, other than making them stronger.

    At NILE, we are profoundly shocked at the democratic decision taken by the people of the UK, but will work undiminished with all our friends and partners to ensure NILE has a place in Europe as well as welcoming people from all countries to work, share and develop with NILE, in Norwich and internationally.

    0 comments | 24 June 2016 | | Thom Kiddle
  • Join us for the last NILE webinar before the end of term! Senior Trainer Tom Sarney invites you to discuss and suggest practical ideas to get your students speaking in the classroom.

    UPDATE: recording now available!

    0 comments | 22 June 2016 | Events | Hanna Furre
  • As part of NILE’s 21st birthday celebrations with the motto NILE@21: Transforming Teaching, we are pleased to be offering a scholarship to the IATEFL conference in Glasgow in 2017.

    To highlight our commitment to global CPD in the field of language education, the scholarship will be awarded to a teacher-trainer working in an environment which has particular challenges. Examples of such challenges include, but are not limited to: regional conflicts, gender issues, environmental Read more...

    0 comments | 15 June 2016 | Funding and Events | Hanna Furre
  • Congratulations to AEXALEVI on launching the NILE-AEXALEVI partnership to deliver the NILE MA in Professional Development for Language Education in Argentina!

    Last Friday marked the official start of the delivery of the NILE MA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. NILE has worked with closely with AEXALEVI for a number of years, and we are very excited to be able to add Argentina to our growing list of South American centres that offers the MA.Read more...

    0 comments | 23 May 2016 | Courses and Events | Hanna K Furre
  • As usual, NILE had a strong presence at the annual IATEFL conference, this year in Birmingham. With nine presentations (some of the slides published below), the launch of our 21st birthday celebrations, a toast for the Macmillan-NILE partnership and countless meetings and networking events, the IATEFL conference means professional development and new opportunities for the whole delegation. Here, Maria Heron gives her personal account.

    This year’s 50th IATEFL conference lived up to my expectations and I came home buzzing with ideas and eager to discuss others with colleaguesRead more...

    0 comments | 29 April 2016 | Events | Hanna Furre
  • This month we offer you a chance to learn how to use gamification and drama in your English classes. Join our webinars with Elena Peresada on May 4th on gamification and David Farmer May 26th on drama to add a new dimesion to your classroom, or to share ideas about techniques you're already using.   

    Update 12 May 2016: Recordings of both webinars are now available.Read more...

    0 comments | 27 April 2016 | Events | Hanna Furre
  • This year, the Materials Develpment Association's annual conference takes place in June.

    NILE staff have been involved with MATSDA for many years. We look forward to seeing you at this year's conference, Authenticity and L2 Materials Development.Read more...

    0 comments | 07 April 2016 | | Hanna Furre
  • NILE Online courses have recently been accredited as being aligned to the Eaquals Teacher Development framework. NILE has mapped the contents of its online courses, indicating how they relate to the competencies covered by the framework.

    This mapping is an important facet of the NILE courses, both for individuals and for the organisations they work in.

    For individuals it offers the reassurance that the content they are covering on a specific course (such as Technology Assisted Language Learning) is relevant to their general development as a teacher and to the progression of their career.


    0 comments | 07 April 2016 | Courses and Project | Tony Prince
  • Themes around language and culture, contemporary English and the living language have been popular areas of study for NILE participants for many years. We are therefore very happy to be able to offer the free webinar How to keep up with language change with one of our experts, Chris Rose. The webinar takes place on Friday 8th April at 4pm.

    We all know that English changes, rapidly and in lots of different ways. The internet, TV, film and

    Update 12 April 2016: A recording of the webinar is now available.Read more...
    0 comments | 01 April 2016 | Events | Hanna Furre
  • For NILE, 2016 is a special year as it marks our 21st birthday.  To celebrate this event, we are holding an international conference at our Norwich centre from 12th to 14th August 2016. Rod Bolitho, Nicky Hockly and Jeremy Harmer are already confirmed as plenary speakers, and the conference committee is busy organising further names and a few surprises to truly demonstrate what NILE can offer at 21.
    While we are keen to showcase our experience of teacher training over the last 2 decades, our main aim is to focus on Read more...
    0 comments | 20 March 2016 | Events | Hanna K Furre

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