• Macmillan Education and Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE) announce a global partnership.
    NILE, a centre of teaching and training excellence for English language teachers and trainers and Macmillan Education, a leading global publisher of English Language Teaching (ELT) and school curriculum materials have joined together to develop and promote quality teacher education programmes globally. 

    In a signing ceremony the 9th February we confirmed our strategic partnership as the first step in an exciting new era for teacher professional development services. For the first time

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  • The Erasmus+ KA1 application form for Staff Mobility is now live!

    See our Erasmus+ Funding information page for hints and tips on how to apply, and please start now as the application process is very thorough and the deadline for submitting applications is the 2nd of February for school staff*.

    Have a look at our face-to-face courses in Norwich and Manchester to decide which courses would be most beneficial for you and your colleagues, and please note the new structure of the courses we offer in Manchester this year!


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  • NILE is pleased to invite you to another series of free Professional Development webinars. Senior staff and Associated Trainers are contributing to the first part of our winter webinar series, which includes Jamie Keddie on videotelling, Alan Pulverness on materials development, and Maria Heron and Susi Pearson on authenticity. Tom Sarney will provide advice and debate on INSET days, and there will be a special Erasmus+ webinar offering tips and support on funding applications (date to be annnounced) for those of you wishing to participate in a face-to-face course in Norwich or Manchester.

    Some of these webinars are directly linked to NILE Online courses, which offer in-depth study and longer-term projects in the areas useful to you. Participation in our winter webinars entitles you to a discount on NILE Online courses*. 

    We will continue our winter webinar series in the new year with sessions on peer observation among others. Suggestions for CPD topics that will benefit you in your teaching and learning are always welcome, please contact us with your ideas. In the meantime, enjoy the winter webinars! 


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  • A happy teacher is a motivated, knowledgeable and confident teacher.

    Many of you came to Norwich this summer to learn, network and be inspired.

    This is what you had to say.

    Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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  • Do you know where you are, where you want to be and how to get there? In teacher development terms, that is. Now NILE and Cambridge English have a new way to help you on your journey.

    NILE is proud to be the first non-Cambridge organisation to have its courses aligned to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. What is it and how will it help you?Read more...

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  • September 2015 sees the launch of three new NILE Online courses, Materials Development in ELTTeaching Very Young Learners and Testing, Evaluation and Assessment, bringing the total number of online teacher development courses to 13.

    Ahead of the new round of NILE Online courses, our NILE experts will deliver a series of free webinars, kicking off with an exploration of the relevance of online learning to teachers on Friday 4th September. The following Wednesday we continue with a session on cultural differences and we conclude with some perspectives on one of the new courses; ideas on how pre-primary children can absorb English. All webinars will show examples from the forthcoming courses, so this is a rare opportunity to learn more about NILE Online's unique design. Indeed, we are so sure you will like it that all webinar participants will receive a 33% discount on NILE Online courses starting this September, and there will also be a competition to win a scholarship to a September Online course of your choice!


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  • Every year during the busy summer season, we provide a Visiting Speaker Programme to offer our participants another dimension to their course and inspire them in their ELT career.

    NILE's Maria Heron has invited some of the top names in ELT, and the format depends on the speaker's preference.

    New this year is of course that we are running a parallel programme in Manchester in July.

    You are welcome to join us for the talks, please contact us in good time to obtain your ticket.


    Date Location Visiting Speaker Title
    8 July Norwich Alan Maley Creativity and the Power of Constraint
    8 July Manchester Hugh Dellar Teaching Lexically: Principles and Practice
    22 July Norwich Gillie Cunningham Erors are OK, or are they?
    22 July Manchester Jo Gakonga Flipping the Classroom
    5 August Norwich Martin Parrott Learner Preferences and Affective Learning
    19 August Norwich Mike McCarthy Fluency Revisited


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  • This week it is exactly 20 years since the first NILE course took place, and look what a lovely email Dave received from his first student, a Swiss self-confessed "wife and hobby-teacher" at the time. Barbara Beusch has since gone on to do several courses with NILE, including the MA, and is now Head of Section at a large pharmaceuitcal company in Switzerland.

    Dear Dave

    Today 20 years ago at this time I had my first day of lessons at NILE behind me, Read more...

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  • The IATEFL conference provides NILE with an annual opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, to make new contacts and generally to let the (ELT) world know what we’re doing. This year there was a special serendipity about the conference location as IATEFL Manchester coincided with the launch of NILE Manchester, which drew a huge crowd of well-wishers to the NILE stand. The stand looked better than ever this year, featuring an impressive array of books written and edited by NILE trainers.Read more...

  • Chris Rose is first speaker at the Macmillan English Storytelling event on Wednesday 13th May.
    In The Power of Cross-Cultural Storytelling you will explore how stories can pass from one culture, country, time or tradition to another – making them perfect for teaching listening and speaking in the classroom.Read more...

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