• Tonight England are playing Brazil at Wembley. I wish I could be there, because I love football and especially the way it’s played in Brazil. But there’s a lot more that we at NILE love about Brazil and the involvement we have had with language education professionals from Brazil for over 20 years. Since 1995, NILE has worked with teachers and trainers from over 70 countries, but every year we have faced new challenges and new inspiration in our collaboration with ELT in Brazil, partly becauseRead more...

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  • The busy summer period was hardly over before we embarked on the conference season.

    We have had a strong presence in South America this autumn, with Simon Smith, MA Programme Leader, at the Anglo Conference in Uruguay, Jamie Keddie presented for us and Macmillan at BrELT on the Road and in Uruguay, Laura Renart was the FAAPI conference in Argentina and Dave Allan did a tour of Brazil with Macmillan in October. As he came back, Maria HeronRead more...

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  • NILE was delighted to support the FAAPI conference in Posadas, Argentina, this September by offering a scholarship for the face-to-face MA module Materials Development in Language Teaching which takes place at AEXALEVI in Buenos Aires this coming February. The module is part of NILE’s MA in Professional Development for Language Education. The applications wereRead more...

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  • NILE's MA in Professional Development for Langauge Education (MAPDLE) graduation ceremony was held on Monday 6th November at the Chichester Festival Theatre. We had a large cohort graduating this year, and we are proud to announce that out  of 31 candidates, 7 graduated withRead more...

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  • Our first Power-Up course, Flipping Your Classes with Russell Stannard, has been running for a while now and has been an incredibly popular course. So we’re really excited to announce more Power-Up courses starting very soon.

    As you probably know, NILE Power-Ups are short, practical online courses that give you the tools and confidence to do something new in your teaching. For example in Flipping Your Classes, participants not only learn about the concept of flipped learning but also learn how to use webtools to construct their own flipped classroom. Some teachers actually start flipping their lessons before the course has finished. Power-Up courses have two live webinars, practicalRead more...

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  • In the first ever joint ETAS -NILE webinar, Susan Hillyard presents Drama as a Bridge to Literacy: how drama acts as the connection between reading, writing, listening, speaking and drama.

    This presentation explores drama, a polysemic discipline, as both a literacy itself and an effective resource for the teaching of multiple literacies. It argues that drama Read more...

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  • NILE is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English and by Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality on Language Education). We have consistently scored highly in inspections by both organisations, and at our last inspection (2015), the inspectors noted strengths in all but one category, rating us the highest ranking institution of our kind.

    We are pleased to say that in the latest analysis of the British Council inspection reports by EL Gazette, The ELT industry magazine (Aug/Sept 2017), NILE further strengthened its reputation for quality by scoring an “astonishing”Read more...

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  • The NILE-APIBA scholarship winner is Carlos Reynoso!

    Earlier this year, when announcing the next face-to-face module of NILE’s MA programme at AEXALEVI in Buenos Aires, NILE and APIBA got together to offer one APIBA member a scholarship to the Materials Development in Language Teaching, part of NILE’s MA in Professional Development for Language Education. The applications have been submitted and evaluated, and we are delighted to award Carlos Reynoso a place on the programme!
    The judges’ expect Carlos’ research in designing

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  • As we announce the news of another overseas centre in which to deliver MA modules, this time in Switzerland, Simon Smith shares his thoughts of teaching the MA abroad.

    Teaching on a Master’s course in an overseas venue is familiar in many ways, because the course objectives are the same as on any other Master’s course and participants’ motivation for doing a master’s module usually fall within a familiar range of reasons.  

    But it does feel different, unpredictable and rather exciting in many other ways. Read more...

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    Every year during the busy summer season, we provide a Visiting Speaker Programme to offer our participants another dimension to their course and inspire them in their ELT career.


    There will be at least one visiting speaker during each face-to-face course and the format depends on the speaker's preference.  

    NILE's Maria Heron has invited some of the top names in ELT, and non-participants are welcome to join us for the talks. Please contact us in good time to obtain your ticket.

    We also arrange cross-curricular workshops for our participants to meet teachers from other professional contexts and learn more about another aspect of the ELT world. We will keep you posted on this over the summer.

    Date Visiting Speaker Title
    5 July Jeremy Harmer

    I don't teach answers

    19 July Adrian Underhill     Getting pronunciation out of the head and into the body    
    2 August Jamie Keddie Embrace storytelling
    16 August Alan Maley Creative Writing for Teachers and Learners
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