Join us for the very first NILE webinar of the new academic year. Claudia Rey invites you to explore 'thinking routines' and provides strategies for learners' to develop thinking skills. 


Claudia Rey

Now You See It, Now You Don't: The Magic of Thinking Routines in ELT

Monday 5th September 6pm UK time





This webinar will explore research-based practices that can make thinking visible and guide learners’ thought processes while fostering collaboration and language skills. Thinking routines are simple and well-structured strategies that encourage learners to develop thinking skills.


The actvities focused on can easily be adapted for a wide range of linguistic competence and all age groups


Claudia Rey started off her teaching career as an ELT teacher for Primary School. She later became a Secondary School ELT teacher and a college lecturer in Children´s Literature. She has been a NILE trainer since 2007 specializing in the areas of Teaching Young Learners, CLIL for Primary Teachers, CLIL for Secondary Teachers and Teaching English through Literature in Secondary School. She is also an online course designer and tutor.Claudia is a practising teacher at an international school, so her work as a teacher trainer is deeply rooted in her experience as a classroom teacher. 



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