Do you know where you are, where you want to be and how to get there? In teacher development terms, that is. Now NILE and Cambridge English have a new way to help you on your journey.

NILE is proud to be the first non-Cambridge organisation to have its courses aligned to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. What is it and how will it help you?

Cambridge English have identified five categories of knowledge and expertise for teachers:
•    Learning and the Learners
•    Teaching, Learning and Assessment
•    Language Ability
•    Language Knowledge and Awareness
•    Professional Development and Values

And within each category there are descriptors to help you decide which of four teacher development stages you are currently at from Foundation to Expert. Of course you can also use it to find out where you would like to be.

NILE has agreed with Cambridge where each of our Online courses sits on the framework so potential participants, employers or trainers will be able to see easily the level of our courses and choose one at an appropriate level. 

How can teachers use the Framework?
One way is to download the Framework and work out what stage you are at in each category, by comparing yourself to the descriptors. The other way is to use the Cambridge Teacher Development Tracker via the same link. This is an online tool which asks you to assess yourself on various criteria in terms of your knowledge and your practice and then it shows you where you are on the Framework.

When you have identified your strengths and areas for improvement like this you can think about your priorities for development. Feel free to contact us and explain your needs and we will happily advise you on the best NILE Online course for your needs.

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