We are pleased to announce the launch of a partnership with Bridge Mills Language Centre in Galway to provide NILE Teacher Development courses in their exceptional location on the west coast of Ireland. Following on from successful collaborations at conferences and in our online Delta programmes, NILE and Bridge Mills have decided to bring trainers together in the face-to-face training room for the first time in July 2018.

NILE Associate Trainer, Johanna Stirling, will be joining Bridge Mills colleagues in delivering two NILE courses from 2nd – 13th July 2018, the popular and highly-valued Advanced Language, Materials and Methodology and Materials Development in Language Education. NILE Director, Thom Kiddle, said

“It is a key part of our strategy to bring NILE teacher development courses to other countries, and in Bridge Mills Language Centre we have found an ideal partner – an Eaquals-accredited, high-quality, committed language teaching organisation which shares a similar ethos to NILE in wanting to bring teacher training and development expertise to teachers around the world. We’re excited to get started with our first courses together.” 


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