NILE is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English and by Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality on Language Education). NILE has consistently scored highly in inspections by both organisations, and at our last inspection (2015), the inspectors noted strengths in all but one category, rating us the highest ranking institution of our kind.

We are pleased to say that in the latest analysis of the British Council inspection reports by EL Gazette, The ELT industry magazine (Aug/Sept 2017), NILE further strengthened its reputation for quality by scoring an “astonishing”, to use the journal’s own word, 92%, in the category of Teaching and Learning, as well above average results in most other categories.


Read EL Gazette UK Language Centre Rankings 2017


To quote the article;

The most eye catching score is under Teaching and Learning, where Nile scores an astonishing 92 per cent. This is not only the highest percentage result under this heading, it is the highest under any heading. Out of 118 ranked schools only ten score above 70, including St Edmund’s College. 

The only other schools to hit over 90 percent in any category are Kaplan Oxford and Eurocentres London Central which have 91 per cent for Resources and Environment.

Amassing points of strength in management is tougher, only four schools achieved 70 per cent, led by Sidmouth International school with 77. In our table, Lake School of English and Nile, with 68 per cent each, fit comfortably in the top ten.


To learn more about how we work to achieve our success, read the interview with Thom Kiddle, “Where Autonomy is Key” in the same magazine.

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