We are delighted to announce, that after a successful pilot in December 2017, we have partnered with British Council to offer the Professional Award for Teacher Educators for the first time in the UK. The course is delivered by NILE, with all the expertise in trainers and training you’d expect from our 23 years in the field, and certificated (on successful completion) by British Council. This is a highly-respected award, recognised by the British Council as a certification of teacher training competence, and we are very pleased to be the first UK institution to offer the programme, from our centre in Norwich, beginning with the first course in July 2018. You can read more about the course here and we hope to welcome NILE alumni and new participants to take advantage of this exciting and highly-valued training programme and certification.

NILE trainers Maria Heron and Thom Kiddle will lead participants through ten days of intensive input, interaction, reflection and assignments, culminating in assessed micro-training in small groups. Our experience of the pilot has demonstrated that not only is the course content relevant, interesting and challenging, but also the experience of spending two weeks in intensive professional development activities and discussions with fellow professionals is enriching and rewarding for all involved.

The course is suitable for those who wish to make a move from teaching into training, and also for those with some teacher training experience, who wish to consolidate, refresh and certificate their existing knowledge and experience. The Unit One content and assessments invite participants to engage with their own teaching and training beliefs, to look at the differences between teaching and training, to look at developmental needs and recommendations for new and experienced language teachers, and to critique workshop observations and delivery structures. In Unit Two we look at teacher diversity, feedback and mentoring styles, motivation, instruction-giving, learning outcomes, materials selection and adaptation, and participant-centred, inclusive training approaches. In the third and final unit, participants demonstrate their own teacher training skills, and consider a range of feedback options, culminating on a reflection on the training process and course experience. Throughout the programme, participants complete assessment tasks, some of which have formative value, and others which contribute to the assessed portfolio on which certification is based.

NILE Director and Trainer / Assessor on the course, Thom Kiddle, said

“We are very proud to be the first organisation to deliver this award in the UK. The pilot was a very rewarding process and we feel that NILE is perfectly suited to provide participants with the support and training to help them successfully obtain the British Council qualification. We can’t wait to welcome participants in July!”.

Maggie Milne, leader on the Professional Award from British Council, commented on the “high-quality training and effective assessment procedures”, the “constructive feedback to participants” and the trainers’ “support, commitment to and preparation for the programme” at NILE in approving the delivery of the Award.

We are very excited to have partnered with British Council for the delivery of this Professional Award, and hope this will be a significant step in our industry in terms of providing a validated qualification for teacher trainers to demonstrate their competence and expertise.




Photo: 12 NILE trainers participated in the pilot course in 2017:  Back row (left to right): Thom Kiddle (Programme Leader), Carole Robinson, Lisa Hines, Susie Pearson, Maggie Milne (British Council), Tony Prince, Maria Byrne, Jason Skeet. Front table: Malgosia Tetiurka, Briony Beaven, Alan Mackenzie. Right table: Griselda Beacon, Alan Pulverness, Claudia Ferradas. Maria Heron (Programme Leader) is not in the photo.


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