If you’re reading this newsletter, you probably know a good deal about NILE already, but what do you know about ETAS? 

ETAS is the English Teachers Association Switzerland and is a non-profit organisation primarily run by volunteers. Its aims are to promote the teaching of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and offer support to ELT teachers in Switzerland.

NILE has a long history with ETAS, having provided training for a range of Swiss educational institutes both in Norwich and in Switzerland over the years.  In addition, NILE has frequently provided plenary speakers for the ETAS annual conference.  In 2016, Dave Allan stepped up to the podium to share words of wisdom on testing and assessment in reading skills.  In 2017, NILE will be represented by Carole Robinson, who will be delivering the closing plenary of its two-day conference and AGM on Sunday 22nd January. 

Carole will be talking about an area close to her heart - noticing English around us .  The talk will not only look at some examples of the spread of English into all corners of the world (with specific focus on Switzerland, of course!), but also at how we can get our students really motivated and activated in engaging with the resources on their doorstep.   There will also be some teaching activities that attendees might want to try in the classroom!

So, come and see us at ETAS if you can to find out about our 2017 courses and get a taste of NILE in Switzerland!

This year, the ETAS conference is being held at the Kantonsschule Zürich Nord in Zurich and runs from Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd January.  



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