Launch of NILE activity cards!

At IATEFL Brimingham we proudly launched a set of 26 alphabetical activity cards..

Each card focuses on one of the NILE trainers’ favourite activities and sets out the intended level and language focus of the activity, plus aims and a detailed procedure.

The colour-coded  A-Z set of cards covers Speaking (blue) , Reading & Listening (magenta) , Writing (orange),  Vocabulary & Grammar (silver) and Pronunciation (purple). 

Some of the cards were available on the NILE stand at IATEFL, while others were available at presentations by NILE trainers. During IATEFL you could try to collect as many of the cards as you can;  now all are available on our website, which you can access via the QR code on an activity card.

We launched the cards at the NILE stand for our 21st Birthday Celebrations on Wednesday at 16.45, giving away the free activity cards.

The full set of activity cards are now available, please let us know how you get on in class!

Go to activity cards 

Since this article was written, we have also launched a set of traininng cards, available through the same link

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