This month we offer you a chance to learn how to use gamification and drama in your English classes. Join our webinars with Elena Peresada on May 4th on gamification and David Farmer May 26th on drama to add a new dimesion to your classroom, or to share ideas about techniques you're already using.   



Elena Peresada

How to Gamify your English Class

Wednesday 4th May 16.00 UK time 

Time where you are

Teachers all around the world are trying to find new technologies for teaching the millennial generation. One of them is gamification. If computer games are so appealing and fun to play, why don't we bring a game-design approach to our English class?
To understand how to gamify our class, we need to realize what elements of computer games make them so interesting: an exciting story, XP (experience points), leaderboards, badges, and more.
In  this webinar Elena will share her experience of  how to gamify your English class. She'll tell you how to introduce elements and mechanics of computer games to increase students’ motivation. 

Elena Peresada is an English teacher, a teacher trainer and a materials writer, as well as being the head of a language school. She is the the author of StudyCraft methodology and the leader of Trendy English Community. In 2015, Elena was a participant on the NILE Online Materials Development in ELT course and she gave an informed and inspirational presentation to the group about gamification. So we have asked her to share her ideas and passion with the wider NILE Community. 




David Farmer

Drama Games for Language Learning

Thursday May 26th 16.00 UK time

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Drama activities use active teaching and learning techniques likely to motivate and keep the attention of a wider range of pupils. This webinar will focus on the use of drama games to enhance language learning and boost your learners’ confidence, creativity and spontaneity. A number of activities will be presented with an opportunity for questions and contributions from participants.

David Farmer is a drama specialist who trains teachers and works with students. After working as a primary school teacher he founded a theatre company, which performed plays to young people across the UK and overseas for twenty-five years. He is the author of several books, including 101 Drama Games and Activities and Learning Through Drama in the Primary Years. He runs the website, and will offer the course Literature and Drama in Language Teaching with  Alan Pulverness at NILE Norwich this August.



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