NILE is pleased to invite you to Jason Skeet's webinar "Feedback and Assessment in CLIL" on Thursday 2nd April 2015 14.00GMT (world clock).

Feedback and assessment in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) raises a number of challenges for teachers. For example, teachers need to know how to give feedback on language use. They also have to judge what the balance can be in terms of assessing content and language whilst also recognising the ways in which language and content are intertwined in the learning process. This webinar explores some specific approaches to feedback and assessment in CLIL. Throughout, the focus will be on looking at practical suggestions and ideas that can be applied in a CLIL classroom.

All participants will get the opportunity to sign up for the April CLIL courses, both face to face and online, at a 20% discount!

The webinar is expected to last 40-50 minutes with time for Q&A.


Jason Skeet
Jason Skeet taught for seven years in a bilingual school in The Netherlands, after which he worked as a CLIL consultant and trainer at Utrecht University. He has taught on several CLIL summer schools (including at NILE) and also written about CLIL. He currently works as a Lecturer in Teacher Education at City College Norwich. Jason is also the course writer for NILE's latest online teacher development course: Content and Language Integrated Learning.


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