Themes around language and culture, contemporary English and the living language have been popular areas of study for NILE participants for many years. We are therefore very happy to be able to offer the free webinar How to keep up with language change with one of our experts, Chris Rose. The webinar takes place on Friday 8th April at 16.00 UK time. 

We all know that English changes, rapidly and in lots of different ways.  The internet, TV, film and music, globalisation and many other things are causing this – and quite often it can seem like our students know more about contemporary language than we do.  

In ths webinar we will look at some changes in contemporary English and think about 

     -  how we can we keep up with the changes

     - how we can know what is ‘correct English’ these days

     - how we can know what to teach our students

Chris Rose has been working as a teacher, teacher trainer, translator and materials writer for nearly twenty years now. For a long time he worked for the British Council in Italy, where he was responsible for integrating arts and education work. Since then, he has also worked in India, Germany, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon and Russia.

His chief ELT interests are literature in language teaching, creative writing activities, extended reading, storytelling and language change. He is currently based in Norwich, where he works as an Associate Trainer for NILE.




See the time of the webinar where you are.


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