• The deadline for Erasmus+ funding applications has been extended to 24th March, giving you an additional week to finalise your application.

    Following the difficulties that organisations have been experiencing in particular with the Participant Portal over the last period and although no technical blocking problems exist anymore at this point in time, the deadline of 17 March 12:00 midday has been postponed until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time) to give applicants more time to finalise their application. This is according to the Erasmus+ EC website (see below).

    This prolongation concerns the following actions managed by National Agencies:

    • KA101 – School Education - staff mobility

    • KA102 – Vocational Education and Training - learner and staff mobility

    • KA103 - Higher Education - student and staff mobility

    • KA104 - Adult Education - staff mobility

    • KA105 - Youth – mobility of youth workers and young people

    • KA108 – Higher Education - Accreditation of Higher Education Mobility Consortia

    Submissions in this period will be marked with the flag “LATE” in the application forms. However, applicants should not worry: even with this flag, applications submitted until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time) will be considered as formally eligible with regard to timely submission.

    You can read the full announcement on the European Commission's Erasmus+ website.

    Our Registrar Alison Lake is happy to answer any last minute queries.

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