As usual, NILE staff will travel to meet old and new colleagues around the world this spring. Here's a quick round-up of where to find us over the coming months.

Thom Kiddle, Dave Allan and Carole Robinson are in Prague for the Eaquals conference this weekend, and Dave will give a Plenary at the TATE conference in Tunisia the 11-13th May. 
You can catch Maria Byrne sharing her expertise on inclusion and learning differences for Macmilllan Education in Belgium May 16th, and you’ll find Thom Kiddle at our summer school partner Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre, Ireland, at their ELE conference three days later, where he will talk about Professional Development Through Student Progress. 
The last week of May, Maria Heron will be in Baden, Austria, for the last PALM Project symposium, whilst Thom Kiddle and Johanna Stirling prepare for long-haul flights.  Jo will talk at Macmillan Education Teacher Days in Da Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for Macmillan Education at the end of May, and  Thom will be busy running seminars at universities in Chile.
We are also pleased to have been asked to contribute to the Materials Writing SIG Conference in Oxford 22-23rd June before the busy summer season hits Norwich!

Unfamiliar names? Read more about the NILE Team. 

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