Language Testing 123 and NILE have joined forces to offer a complete set of consultancy services for language assessment.

LT123, based in Cambridge, are well-respected for their expertise in test design and development, content for digital and print published materials and other consultancy services in assessment.


Partnering with NILE and our 26 years' experience in teacher development adds another dimension, and we are excited to combine LT123 and NILE's knowledge and approach to language testing and assessment to provide a specialist service to clients both in the UK and overseas. 


LT123 and NILE combine expertise in all aspects of test design and use, teacher development and assessment reform, and offer design and delivery of in-house assessment programmes for schools and universities.


Language Assessment Services offers:

  • Needs analysis: review of existing testing practices and recommendations for assessment reform
  • Comprehensive test development through all stages: design, guidelines, item-writing, construction, scoring and result reporting
  • CEFR alignment of specifications, tests, tasks and items
  • Curriculum and assessment alignment: integrating placement, diagnostic, achievement and proficiency testing within institutional curricula and syllabi
  • Workshops and online training: bridging the gap between testing and teaching, moving from paper to digital, introduction to assessment, and much more


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