We were delighted to welcome a group of testing specialists from the State Testing Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a 10-day Testing and Assessment course on aspects of educational measurement such as Assessing language skills and language systems; The CEFR in assessment; Item writing and analysis; Research Trends;  Technology in Testing and Assessment and Alternative Assessment Approaches. The group were able to work with NILE specialist tutors Dave Allan, Tim Goodier, Thom Kiddle, Tony Prince and Alan Pulverness to bring a range of perspectives and areas of expertise to the training room.
As well as working hard on their academic programme, the group enjoyed a social programme which included a Storytelling evening and a visit to Cambridge. They took full advantage of the cultural aspect of their course, sampling food from Norwich market, football at Norwich City Football Club, and the seaside town of Cromer.

The participants said…

Everything was excellent. I want to come back again in the future.

We got everything we needed here - not just the institute but the friendly NILE team. I have experienced such good quality here.


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