This September a group of 74 Swiss students attended NILE for a two-week course that aimed to immerse the learners in English culture. In doing so the students gained valuable English language skills that will ultimately help them with their approaching exams back in Switzerland. 

The Swiss students arrived along with their 3 teachers on September 27th, ready to begin their tailor-made course with the trainers at NILE the next day. The course had a large emphasis on the speaking of English and encouraged the students to really dive in to local life and get the most out of their time here. The highlight of the course was the presentations, where the students were encouraged to get into small groups and present on a local Norwich business. Teachers, students and NILE staff were invited to listen to the presentations and vote on their favourite. The group pictured below came in second place after giving a very accomplished presentation about the Just Essentials beauty shop - they even painted their faces in the spirit of things! Another group presented on Norwich City Football Club and were given a personally guided tour of the ground itself! Coming in first place was the excellent presentation about Jamie's Italian in the Royal Arcade.

Aside from their academic achievements, the young Swiss group took part in a range of social activities including trips to London and Cromer, as well as welcome drinks at CafĂ© Bar Marzano in The Forum, and farewell afternoon tea at the Assembly House. The group also had their own spare time where their enjoyed socialising and organising their own excursions within Norwich. Overall the group had an extremely rewarding and enjoyable time here at NILE as the feedback certainly illustrates: 


"2 really special weeks. I will remember of this in many years."

"Norwich is a very beautiful and nice little city."

"A very great experience and a big opportunity to learn English!"

"Perfect planning with no issues."

"The teachers are very friendly and it's really interesting to learn the language."


We're thrilled that the group had such a worthwhile stay at NILE, and we hope to welcome them back again in the near future!

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