Eighty-one students from Liestal School near Basel in Switzerland came to study at NILE for two weeks in October, combining language development sessions focusing on the Cambridge BEC exam with trips to local industries and self-guided research into businesses in Norwich. This research culminated in presentations to other NILE students and staff, host families and members of the business community, demonstrating their English language proficiency and the depth of their research.

Tutors working with the Liestal students commented:

"Students created brilliant poster presentations - it was a good to see them interact with their 'public'."

"There was a good teacher-student dynamic throughout the course."

Students found the experience "cool", "well-organised", "instructive", "interesting" and commented that they "learned a lot about the English language and life in an excellent school". They were also very happy with the facilities on offer at NILE - "Excellent IT suite with awesome free wi-fi and internet; everything is available, with many opportunities, including the library with many books."

We look forward to welcoming Liestal students back next year!


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