In September we welcomed a group of 80 Swiss students from the Bildungszentrum kvBL in Liestal, Switzerland. As part of a long-running project with this institution, they came to us for a two-week course which specifically focussed on Business English in preparation for doing the Cambridge BEC exam in the future.

As well as attending lessons on different aspects of English for Business, they carried out projects on local businesses which involved interviewing staff and managers and preparing posters for a presentation afternoon which was attended by NILE staff and host families. Both the posters and the students' presentations of them were of an excellent quality and included all kinds of creative ideas to grab their audience's attention.

They enjoyed an exciting social programme which included bowling and a trip to London and the Norfolk coast. It was a very successful course and we look forward to welcoming another group next year.

"I have learned so much for the BEC exam"

"I feel much more confident about my English"

"It was all good. Interesting lessons; friendly, interesting and good teachers."

NILE Business exhibition LSS 2017

Top photo: The winners of the business exhibition receive their prize at the celebration tea at Norwich Cathedral.

Bottom: A selection of poster presentations at the exhibition. Winners to the left.

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