English language had always fascinated me throughout my childhood and I had the opportunity to help my friends at school and college to learn English. This had not only helped me to learn more but also to gain confidence in teaching.

Although I did my graduation in Computer Applications, my love for ELT made me take up ELT as my career. I took my Masters in English at EFL University (Distance Education), Hyderabad, India, which I am still pursuing while teaching English full-time.

My computer engineering background has enhanced my capabilities to use ICT in designing cutting-edge lesson plans to teach English.

Presently in India there is a lot of confusion in ELT and this disarray is due to lack of research in TESL and ELT training. To make matters worse, government policies on ELT have taken a tail spin. In these circumstances, I found it really necessary to do my CELTA course at NILE to make sure that I hit the nail on the head. I had the opportunity to attend Rod Bolitho’s session at TEC 2012 in India and watch his interview on the British Council website. He being the academic director at NILE, I had no second thoughts about joining the CELTA course at NILE, even though the same course is available at British Council, India.

Even though I have been teaching English for a couple of years now, I had certain specific doubts about ELT. So I wanted a competent authority to clarify my doubts and make my teaching authentic. These bona fide methods and knowledge would help me further as I plan to continue my education and research in TESL leading to a doctoral dissertation in future.

I am sure that CELTA from NILE will definitely be a feather in my cap.

Studying abroad (UK) / being non-British at the course

It would be slightly challenging for a non-native speaker. Non-native speakers need to have native speaker-like proficiency to obtain the Cambridge CELTA. However, people at NILE are very friendly and are ready to help the students at any time.

As I was from India, it was a culture shock for me in the beginning, but later I found my feet in the UK. I really felt that people in Norwich were very friendly. That made Norwich feel like a home away from home.

Studying CELTA

John and Liz were our tutors. Their input sessions were very useful and that helped me to adopt the right way of teaching and learning English. Input sessions helped us to use the right strategies in our teaching practices.

In India we do not have international standard specific teacher training programmes to teach English.  CELTA at NILE was the best opportunity I could ever get.

Teaching Practice

I had one year teaching experience in India. But my tutors were of the opinion that I used a deductive method of teaching English. Therefore I had to embrace new teaching techniques which made me learn about the inductive method of language teaching and to create a student-centred classroom approach rather than using the lecture method which is more teacher-centred.

Host family

I stayed with Mr and Mrs Marks. They were amazing people. They provided me with good quality meals. They helped me to learn about interesting places in and near Norwich. The facilities at home were really good. As the host family was very near to the course centre it was very easy to access. They were perfect hosts.

How it has changed my teaching

Cambridge CELTA has completely changed my teaching approach. I use an inductive method of teaching English. I have learnt how to include activities in my class. I am successful in creating student-centred classrooms.

How it has changed my life

English language teaching is my life. I have completely changed my approach towards English language teaching. I have completely changed as a teacher.

I come from a small city in Karnataka, so my exposure was limited. CELTA in the UK gave me international exposure. My classmates were from different continents and I had to teach students from an international community during my teaching practice. So I met different people from different walks of life. I learnt many things from my colleagues and students.

Karandeep Nishanimath studied for his CELTA qualification with NILE in March/April 2014. If you would like to find out more about CELTA and how it can start your career in English Language Teaching, click the link below:

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