We were delighted to host a group of Russian IELTS teachers brought to us by Elena Pozhidaeva on our brand-now online Prepare your Students for IELTS course. This is a five-unit course covering all aspects of the IELTS test, with a particular focus on understanding and applying the writing and speaking criteria in order to help students to effectively prepare for these parts of the exam. The participants  also tried out, shared and reflected on a variety of classroom activities which prepare their learners for all aspects of the exam, including the acquisition of new vocabulary. They also explored common teaching issues with IELTS classes, such as how to support learners of differing abilities.

As well as the online collaborative tasks, there were regular live sessions to discuss and explore aspects of the course content. It was an intensive week, but the participants worked hard and enthusiastically with their tutor Lindsay Warwick. 

The participants said:

An absolutely wonderful and inspiring course. I now feel very confident about preparing students for IELTS, I have acquired lots of new and useful information. I also feel like I am fully equipped (with activities, assessment criteria, etc.) to inspire my students and make their preparation for IELTS more engaging and effective. Thanks to the course authors and special thanks to Lindsay for being so patient and motivating!

Marina Andreeva

It's a very useful course. I saved many hands-on activities. I'll use them in my work to prepare students for the IELTS test. I especially liked the strategies and tips from ex-examiners and our discussion sessions with other teachers. Thank you for the course!

Elena Sharafulina

For further information about similar courses for Russian teachers, please contact Elena Pozhidaeva.

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