#36 - Uncommon Adjacency Pairs

Uncommon Adjacency PairThis mini-conversation is played out on a bridge in Norwich. Unlike more common adjacency pairs (question / statement and response), e.g. "Fancy a cuppa?" + "Wouldn't say 'no'!", this dialgoue is between two stencil graffiti artists.

The first statement aims to be a profound comment on life, love, loneliness and death, but the cheeky response urges him / her to "Get on Tinder" - the popular dating app in the UK! The addition of "mate" as the form of address at the end adds to the sense of joking at the expense of the deep thinker who sprayed the orginal comment. Would this exchange work translated into another language you know? How do you urge someone to sign up for a social app / website?

Location: St Crispin's Bridge, Norwich


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