Fight Truth DecayFight Truth Decay

This sign outside a local church demonstrates the way language is used to catch people's attention, with plays on words perhaps more familiar in marketing slogans applied to religion and attendance at church events such as the evening mass. A famous one once read: "CH_ _ CH... what's missing?" The answer below read "You are", playing on the sounds of the letters U and R.

This sign exploits the similarity of the words "truth" and "tooth" in the main slogan, suggesting that where dentists encourage you to use toothpaste to fight tooth decay, the church suggests using the bible to fight the loss of 'truth' in moderm society and people's lives. This is reinforced in the second line, playing on the the phrasal verb "brush up". We expect to see the phrase 'brush your teeth every day' in the context of dentists and hygiene, but the use of 'brush up', meaning 'remind yourself', allows them to recommend reading the bible every day!

Location: Christ Church, Magdalen Road, Norwich


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