#22 Spoonerism 

ChishnfipsIt is generally acknowledged in Britain that takeaway food outlets and hairdressers vie for who can use the best (or worst) pun in their names. Where I grew up there was The Chip Monk, The Codfather, and Fryer Tuck's on one side, and Headmasters and A Cut Above on the other. This fish-and-chip shop in Norwich takes a slightly different approach, using a spoonerism for its name. Spoonersims are phrases where the first phonemes in a pair of words are reversed, sometimes intentionally for humour, but often by accident as we tumble over our tongues. They are named after the Reverend Spooner, a college warden at Oxford University in the 19th century, and many more have been attributed to him than can be proven, of which my favourite is "a well-boiled icicle" (well-oiled bicycle). 

Location: Angel Road, Norwich, Norfolk


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