As part of our continuing programme of ICT-focussed courses, we welcomed a group of Digital Promoters from a consortium of 11 secondary schools in Italy. The teachers are digital enthusiasts who are in charge of encouraging teachers in their schools to use technology to enhance learning. They spent a week with us, with sessions from technology specialists Johanna Stirling and Tony Prince, looking at a range of issues related to the implementation of technology in schools.
They also spent two days in schools, at Ormiston Victory Academy and Open Academy where they met professionals from the schools who outlined innovative ways technology was used in their schools and lessons that they had learnt. The digital promoters observed lessons where ICT was being used to teach a variety of subjects. The schools enjoyed the visits as much as the teachers and there are exciting plans for future collaboration in the pipeline.
By the end of the course, the digital promoters had reframed the question "How can we make teachers use technology?" to the more effective "How can technology help teachers with their everyday concerns?". The five digital promoters went home in an optimistic and excited mood armed with an action plan they had co-constructed that was teacher- and learner-centred, practical and achievable.

"It was a wonderful day and it would be great if we could stay in touch."
Jerome Thompson, Head of ICT, Open Academy


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