Whisper it quietly, but getting a Master’s degree in Professional Development for Language Education (MAPDLE), is hard work.

That’s why, after smiling at the splendid pictures of MAPDLE graduates Catherine and Alicia in their finery, I thought about their achievement with admiration and huge professional respect.

I admire MAPDLE candidates like them because they have taken a decision to continue in their own professional learning. I respect them because combining part-time study with full-time work can be challenging. Above all, I admire and respect the quality of the work which they produce in circumstances which are sometimes less than ideal.

NILE runs MAPDLE in partnership with the University of Chichester. All modules except one run face-to- face, both in Norwich and abroad. From January 2016 all modules, including the core module, are also available online. 

Doing MAPDLE requires hard work and thinking, then, but face-to-face and online MA courses have consistently received very positive feedback from candidates. One of MAPDLE’ s great strengths, according to this feedback, is the quality of the supervision and teaching NILE offers. Another is the flexibility of course content and assignments, all of which can be linked to candidates’ own professional contexts. Current MAPDLE candidates include teachers, editors in ELT publishing, professional development coordinators, and Directors of Studies.

Before I finish, I’d just like to come back to the lovely photos of our two graduates. I’d like to congratulate them and their fellow graduates on a wonderful professional achievement, and wish them all the best in their post-MAPDLE lives.

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