In September, Italian teachers from Istituto Comprensivo Assisi 3 from Petrignano Di Assisi came to NILE on a bespoke two-week course as part of their Erasmus+ project "Global Education for 2020". The group course focused on language development as well as innovative uses of technology in the classroom and approaches to CLIL. The sessions explored CLIL from a range of perspectives, including sample lessons, micro-teaching and materials development, and the ICT focus looked at Google Apps, cloud-based resources, and use of digital handheld devices in the classroom. 

Course participants shared the value of their experience, with comments such as:

"The school has excellent teachers, very qualified. They are very helpful and kind, as are all the staff." 

"The course was very useful to be used in my teaching, lots of new ideas and resources to create effective lessons."

"Good teachers, good place, good atmosphere."

The group also produced learning diaries as a record of their time in Norwich, and we are pleased to share this wonderful example from group leader Simonetta Leonardi.

The group also made the most of their time in Norwich with their host families and their social programme, including a golf lesson and a riverboat cruise!

We were delighted to work with this group, and wish them all the best with their continuing project.




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