It was a pleasure to work with a group of Chilean Teacher Trainers for a four-week Trainer Development programme, in partnership with the Chilean Ministry of Education. The academic programme focussed on contemporary approaches to teaching skills and language, as well as teacher training and mentoring skills, delivering both micro-teaching and micro-training during the course.

They enjoyed a busy social programme which included both a quiz night and a move night, as well as trips to Cambridge, London and the Norfolk Coast.

They were a hardworking and committed group of participants who took full advantage of their time with us. The micro sessions that they delivered allowed them to put into practice what they had learnt from the course and to consider how best to implement it on their return. Feedback from the trainers and their fellow participants on these sessions was extremely positive.

The participants said…

My experience here in NILE has been the best experience when learning or training so far.


Coming to NILE has been a great experience. The level of teaching is not measurable.

I feel thankful because the course was adapted to our needs, and the trainers’ ability is outstanding.

We took advantage of everything we experienced here – the content, the school visits, the social programme and the lovely city we stayed in.


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